They say life begins at 40. I say life begins every day. I know a lot of people freak out when they turn 40, but for me, I am super excited to turn 40.

Just like any other year, I have turned a year older and wiser. Each of those years has been a DREAM COME TRUE! A NEW CHAPTER IN LIFE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MYSELF, LIFE AND GIVE THANKS TO A LIFE LIVED FULLY.

It only seems like yesterday I came into this world.

Dear me,

From a young age you had hopes and dreams.

Today you have accomplished so much to be thankful & give gratitude towards so much you have achieved in your 40 years of been present in this universal.  At 40 you have figured out what most people don’t even know at 80. TAKE A MOMENT and give yourself a moment of appreciation! At 40 how many people can say they have met their inspiration OPRAH WINFREY that has helped them achieve so much in life through what she shares.

In just 16 years of your 40 years, you’ve already accomplished some amazing things living in Australia, LIKE any other journey or legacy  we build it all hasn’t been  easy but you know what comes easy never lasts.  You inspire people every day with your constant happiness, quotes, your dancing, your free spirt and your words that you carefully choose before you speak or write. 

You are making a positive change in this world, even when you when you constantly asking yourself are you doing enough. You have known your purpose from a young age and each DAY you grow and learn more about yourself and that purpose.

In 2016 you lost your closest older sister you are still grieving but yet you still celebrating a sister that you got to know, last year you had a difficult time on your birthday not to be able to speak to her on your birthday. This Birthday is a milestone and should even be harder, but then you quickly remind yourself. WHAT IS THE ONE THING your sister would say to you today. The answer is you don’t know as her passing before your 40th was never on your mind. But if there is anything her passing has taught you is to live each day as though it was you last with so much love, gratitude and thankfulness. NOW take a moment to drop a tear when that moment comes when she would have called or send the SMS. It is ok you are only HUMAN and you are allowed to have a moment for weakness and miss the voices and words of your loved ones that have passed on. 

Everyday you are surrounded by so much love and light because that is the path you have chosen  positive energy is what you have chosen to surround yourself with! Never change how you are to conform to other people’s ideas, and never silence yourself to make someone else happy. You are amazing just as you are. AND YOU ARE ENOUGH the way you are. AND THESE ARE words you keep on telling the 3 year old self. 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you learn from them, don’t be afraid to spend time alone you owe yourself a moment of stillness. On the days where you are super exhausted take time to take care of yourself YOU OWE it to yourself. Always remind yourself if you taking care of everyone self who’s taking of you.

YOU wear Blue and LOVE it why because you are enough never change this about you because certain people want you to look a certain way. Stay authentic, grounded and on track with your beliefs Stay strongly. Never stop helping those in need only feel you can.

Change is awesome and you know too well it helps you grow never be intimidated by it. 

They say with AGE YOU LEARN TO SAY NO to many things that don’t much for you. You know that with age you have been able to say No with no explanation. AND that my dear is life. That my dear is part of taking care of yourself.

Continue spreading your message of love and kindness wherever are and go because people will take notice and do the same. You will never regret making someone smile or brightening up someone’s life. There is no cost to being kind, there is no cost to sharing LOVE & LIGHT AND MOST ALL THERE IS NO COST TO Celebrating your life!


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