Ebony and Ivory Hair workshops with a Purpose for Hair Types and Skin Tones 2

When I made the announcement to the start this Hair Workshop Series, I was overwhelmed with so much gratitude knowing that this will be so helpful for a lot of kids/children and their parents.

I can’t tell you how humbling it is to host this Children’s workshops at Ebony and Ivory. My dream has always been to host a series of workshops with a great purpose for children between age 5 – 17 years old for both girls and boys with all hair types and skin tones.

Opening this workshops to both girls and boys has been a joy as I believe both need to grow & learn new skills and find confidence through different things.

My hair workshops with a purpose designed to empower and enrich girls, boys’ women’s & men’s lives and improve their self-esteem and self-confidence by teaching them new skills and improve on what they’ve already known! As we live in such a diverse country with so many different backgrounds, I believe bringing such workshops will not only empower the young ones but there parents and everyone at large.

It has been so rewarding to watch the creativity that comes through these kids, the joy and excitement of waiting to learn something new blows me away in each workshop.

I have published another blog about the previous workshops here HAIR WORKSHOPS FOR KIDS AT EBONY AND IVORY.

I can’t thank these baby girls enough and their parents and friends that made these workshops possible so far. Without them believing in what I do, there would be no class and for this I will be for ever grateful to you all.

My purpose is to light a candle and allow each baby or parent that comes to the class to light one too. What this creates is love, light, freedom, selfie belief, confidence and more.

My love is to help children grow more confidence and self-belief through my programs, where they feel they belong and have no pressure. I have created my workshops to be hands on, this way the children have fun learning in their own way.

Photos from previous workshops

I will be collaborating with like-minded people so some of my workshop to bring more creativity and fun to our workshops from makeup, art, dance instructors, yoga teachers and much more.

Please feel free to share with friends and family to spread the knowledge for love, learning new things and educating each other to make this world a better place.

I also offer this workshops to school, as birthday idea and much more; just drop me a line as I would love to hear from you.

I am now coming up to my 4th workshop, which will be hosted on the 28th of August. And I am super excited about it. This is the Teen only hair & makeup workshop for all hair types and skin tones.

The teen girls will learn new skills on hair, makeup, products, confidence and much more in a fun relaxed environment. 💖And meeting our special guest Ebony and Ivory Salon Ambassador 14 year old Alicia T Model, who’s just come back from modelling for #Kalgoorliefashionweek 💖

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