Teens learning skills that will last a lifetime! 

When I decided to organise our first ever Teen Hair and Makeup Workshop, I was overwhelmed with gratitude of how important this topic is to our Teens, especially with the pressure of  social media our teens encountering each and every day. 

My purpose was to teach teens skills that will last a lifetime. We all know the importance of educating our teens, teaching them the true value of “less is more” in the makeup world. Our teens go through a phase of wanting to learn new things to do with beauty. They go through a period of learning more things about themselves. My mission is to remind our teens that beauty starts from the inside and beauty starts with confidence, self belief from the inside. 

It is important for us as adults to set good  foundation for our teens who are just diving into the world that has so much pressure with  fashion, hair, makeup and not forgetting social media that even we as adults can not control.

I collaborated with my beautiful Perth celebrity makeup artist Vikki Aldridge, who is as passionate as I am when it comes to passing knowledge to our next generations.

Our workshop started with a 20mins yoga and meditation as I believe this is important to start with. It helps our teens & kids feel balanced, learn how to breath &  create a sense of calmness.

Vikki taught our teens the importance of  taking care of there skin and embracing there individual beauty by enhancing rather than covering up. She taught them what are the right tools to use. More about Vikki 


Vikki’s work has been seen on TV, magazines just to name a few.

I took the teens on the journey of different types of braided styles as this was the most requested topic as well as making a braided style look classy. 

My aim with all my kids/children workshops has been to create a fun, confidence boosting experience where the emphasis is about learning something new, in a place that everyone feels they belong. 

Our teens walked away with skills that we hope they will use each  everyday and  in years to come. 

Massive love at all the Teens, parents and my beautiful friend Vikki that made this workshop amazing. 

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