Hair workshops for kids Ebony and Ivory - 19

Hi guys, I can’t tell you how rewarding, inspiring and uplifting the last two days have been since introducing our HAIR WORKSHOPS FOR KIDS AT EBONY & IVORY over the weekend.

I just wanted to take a moment give gratitude to all the parents, the kids, friends, my stylists at Ebony and Ivory AND every beautiful soul out there that shared or liked our new workshop. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

After years of being inspired by my baby clients, their friends, my friends kids, my nieces, nephews, their parents, guardians, aunties and many other people in there lives, I have been planning, listening and then having a moment of being still to listen to that inner voice that tells you the ‘time is now’.

On Sunday 3rd I made the announcement on my social media. And the timing was perfect; I introduced this hair workshop during school holidays in Perth. The response was instantly overwhelming and humbling, I have such amazing people in my journey. I had so much support that I had to catch my breath and drop some tears of gratitude.

My purpose and inspiration behind my hair workshop is that I can create a place where girls and boys from age 5-17 years old can come to have fun, be hands on, learn new skills and build confidence within. A place where they can make new friends, learn about hair products and hair styles. A place where they can chat about outfits, a place where all hair types are seen and talked about, a place they can call home.

In my next workshops I will be collaborating with so many like minded people, from make up artists, photographers, singers, dancers, fashion stylists, yoga instructors and many more like minded souls!

My workshops are not just limited to kids, over the years I have listened to fathers saying ‘I had to drop off my child at school, but I didn’t know what do with their hair’. I have heard stories from mothers going ‘If only I knew what products to use for my children’. I have stories from so many people that need different understanding of how to care for there little ones hair. These workshops are open to everyone that wants to learn something about a particular hair type, have a good laugh and enjoy learning in a good calm environment.

I feel so blessed to be have been inspired by so many hair stories from clients, hey! I have even inspired my self with my own hair. I always say “There is no hair story out there that is not inspiration to learn from and to build on”.

Hosting our first hair workshops these last two days Sunday the 10th and Monday 11th July 2016 has been beyond inspiring. The kids inspired me so much, I cant wait to host hem again. I always say every child learns in there own way. As I taught each of the kids they all had something different they wanted to learn about hair.

One of my biggest inspirations was our young Ebony and Ivory Salon Ambassador Alicia who is only 14 years. Alicia and her mother Joelle came in to stay and help both days. In sharing this, I just wanted to say that our purpose is to inspire more young role models. This world has so many beautiful souls. I am truly blessed to know some of them.

The kids had so much fun, learnt knew tricks and I can’t wait for our next workshop.

Next Hair workshop for Kids will be
Sunday 7th August for 2 Hours from 11am, at Ebony and Ivory 25 Barrack Street Perth.
Book online on

If you are looking for a birthday idea for your little ones or just feel like spoiling them with there friends, I am also offering options to organise a private Hair Workshop of Kids for them too! Please drop me an email to enquire. Love learning from you and hearing your inspiring stories.