🎉💖👏🏾🙏🏾 As I celebrate my 39th birthday today, I am immediately overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude to The Father above. Over the years I have been blessed with so many beautiful people wishing me happy birthday 🎉. So many good people coming into my life. Today I choose to keep a long profile as I inhale how many precious years have had to enjoy good or sad. They have been my years and I have treasured every moment of them.
I have been blessed to live until today as I watch ⌚️ my 30s coming to an end and ready to embrace. What my 40s will be? I am certain the Lord has plans for me and whatever he throws my way I will receive with open arms.

My 30s have been super blessed meeting my biggest inspiration whom I love dearly @oprah my vision board had this message before my 40th I will meet my biggest inspiration and so this happened. Dreams do come true. Before my 30s I will live overseas and this happened. I always share always believe and enjoy every moment of been present.

Last year I met this beautiful soul @jewelchic that has designed a master piece that has added to my smiles
#jewelchicsmiley . I love this woman to pieces.

Lord I have been blessed.

My last year of my 30s has tasted my believe and my strength loosing my sister in May this year has been one of the hardest things, have had to deal with. I take each day with open arms, I cry when I need to it is a process of healing, my way of healing.

This year there have given me many major changes t. Some good, some not so good. But, they have brought me to a place where I yearn for simplicity. I have always been a simplistic soul that walks around with a smile … As l was sitting over looking the river waiting for my late sister to call and it heat me no she was not going to call she is gone.

It heat me to write this message to my self she is with me I could feel her energy I should cry. I should cry because of something fun she would have said. I was blessed to have her in my life and left me with so many memories I will hold on too.

I feel awesome to know how awesome it would feel when I actually trust the process of My LIFE! Thank you for reading this all.

Happy Birthday to me!