My favourite time of the year is here! I love autumn & winter, when I get to wear jeans & scarves. The best thing about the cold weather is that I can wear anything I like, ‘layers’ never gets out of style. I get creative & have fun for just enjoying the different styles in jeans from high waisted to ripped, which are so much in fashion at present. When I wear my ripped jeans I still like to look classy without going over the top.

I also like investing in different colours of scarves. I aways say you can never have too many scarves and jeans.

What are your favourite outfits in autumn and winter?

Joan-Dellavalle-jeans-and-scarves-2 Joan-Dellavalle-jeans-and-scarves-3 Joan-Dellavalle-jeans-and-scarves-4 Joan-Dellavalle-jeans-and-scarves-5 Joan-Dellavalle-jeans-and-scarves-6