Yet again today feels like that day driving into work and receiving that message that the heavens hard called upon you sis! I can’t believe today a Year ago on the 9th of May  the heavens called you and needed another angel!

It hurts more today to know that your birthdays are without a call. That your laughter has become a memory and you have become a memory to hold on too!

At times I just need to hear your voice and ask what are you eating! At times I just call your number but I can’t hear your voice. I sit in silence hoping you will finally pick up. But no you are gonna to another place where where there is no sorrow, pain, suffering just love light and laughter and more.

As long as I live I see you, as long as I live you my butterfly as long as live you will never be forgotten, as long as I live you will be loved!

Miss you dearly my darling big sister. Hard to believe that one year ago you took your last breath that took all your suffering away. Happy that you are not in pain anymore and singing your favourite songs in heaven!