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Mandarin salad with poached egg

Poach your egg and set aside to cool down. Wash all your ingredients that need to be washed and dry with paper towel. Add the rest of your ingredients, no need to add dressing as you want the flavour coming from the ingredients and the mandarin to be the star.

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Dreamers Collective by Love Thread Project

On Sunday 24th April 2016, I attended the Dreamers Collective chapter II workshop presented by the Love Thread project held at Etica Studio, a new boutique studio that offers Sustainable Architectural Design. It was so wonderful to listen to the interior designer and the architect about the beautiful concept behind the studio.

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Healthy Green Smoothie in a Bowl

English spinach, celery and ginger just go together like chicken with a good dip. I love blending up yummy greens with fruits that are rich in iron and fibre. Especially when you have a lifestyle of a hairstylist, you don’t have much time to sit down and have a meal most days. Sometimes, I didn’t blend the berries as I wanted to taste the raw bite of them, so delicious!

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Fun wearing leggings

Leggings one of those must-haves in every girl’s collection/wardrobe. On my last travels I found this super sliming leggings that only costed me $30. It’s such a good feeling when you find something that will give you a bit of a slim figure lol.

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Autumn street style

Sometimes, on a Saturday after work all I want is just to walk around the City of Perth and discover how beautiful our city has become. There are so many cool spots around the city centre with beautiful lush green foliage among the heritage buildings, I call them my hidden gems.

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That one outfit

I always find my self finding cute pieces that can work with almost every out fit in my wardrobe. One of my favourite pieces is the flared open skirt by #ASILIO an Australian Brand. I bought this piece from #Myer last year. I call it my divine must have piece. I can wear this piece with so many different things and it just works.

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Something black, something high fashion

Take a simple black dress and pair it with a nice pair of booties or high heels, and you are done girl 😍 There are times that I don’t like wearing many pieces, then I choose black. I think keeping it simple & elegant is the way to go. I call my black pieces as my absolute, non negotiable wardrobe essentials. Easy to put together and take any accessories, but remember not to over do it. Wardrobe: Dress by Charlie Brown & Shoes by Marc Jacobs. Photos credit #byryantran #blackonblack #blackoutfit #dress #highheels #charliebrown... read more

Happy International Women’s Day

My Late grand mother always used to say one day you will own a kaftan (bubu as we call it Zambian). The day this will happen wear it with respect & pride, because people will look up to you as a mother, a strong woman, role model and an inspiration.

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Spoil yourself for Valentine’s Day

Over the years after listening to so many women and men that get disappointed because X did not do X for them. This got me thinking why don’t I share some things I do through out the year to spoil my self without expecting anyone to spoil me and everyday feels like valentines

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Two big shows are back on Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back with some new faces (and some familiar ones too). And in the new season of Untying the Knot, Vikki works with divorcing couples who are deadlocked in divvying up their most-prized possessions ranging from the family pet pig to a Lamborghini.

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