Get to know me

joan-dellavalleI’m Joan Dellavalle CEO of Ebony and Ivory Hair Salon and Joan Dellavalle signature ready to wear clothing brand.

I’d like to invite you come hang out with me, as I travel the world with some of your fave celebs, talking food, fashion, fun, hair, and more. I’m a well-noted celebrity hair stylist, fashion designer, makeup artist and mentor.

I love life with every little thing that comes with it. My life has been blessed with so my beautiful things and people. I love bright colours and I love what I do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You are invited to join in the fun, of hair, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, empowerment, fitness, business and more. Read all about my experiences with the stars, my clients, friends, and more. My new blog is a window into my world, filled with amazing pictures, health & fitness tips, beauty advice, and fashion tips to keep you looking great all year round.

Welcome friend, and don’t be a stranger.

I’m also an official weekly blog contributor for KONTROL Magazine, don’t forget to check it out. You can follow me on my Facebook to stay updated with my latest activities.