A a bit about Love Thread that goes beyond blogging of fashion and pretty photos

Love Thread was founded by the stunning inspirational Angeline Lloyd who believes in making a difference in people lives. Love Thread is a collaborative platform for social change through fashionable ventures. The organisation is dedicated to raising funds and awareness to support projects which aim to restore and empower women at risk. They do so by running three fashionable ventures Love Thread & Co., Love Thread workshops and the Glass Slipper project.

On Sunday 24th April 2016, I attended the Dreamers Collective chapter II workshop presented by the Love Thread project held at Etica Studio, a new boutique studio that offers Sustainable Architectural Design. It was so wonderful to listen to the interior designer and the architect about the beautiful concept behind the studio.

The insightful event featured 2 of Perth’s inspirational business chics and creative minds: Claire Mueller and Ashleigh Dmello.

Claire Mueller is WAFA STYLIST OF THE YEAR CONTENT CREATOR, stylist and visual artist who shared her worth of knowledge of how to stay true to yourself, value yourself, network, humbleness and never stop learning. Claire is such an inspiring lady that has worked so hard to be where she is today and still does. Find more about Claire at www.clairemueller.com

Ashleigh Dmello a stunning intelligent fashion influencer blogger & YouTube and an inspiration soul that is full of knowledge. She shared a bit about her journey, how to start as a blogger, content presentation and staying true to yourself and keep on networking . Find out more about Ashleigh at www.ashleighdmello.com

Both speakers had a message of be patient, network but at the same time stay true to yourself. And sometimes nothing happens overnight!

It was so wonderful to be in a room with like minded bloggers, writers, business associates and share knowledge and learn from each other. The event was well organised that no one left without learning anything. One of the best parts of the event was to have a one on one moment to sit with the speakers and the organisers and ask questions and learn more on how to go about things.

The beautiful Angeline Lloyd, Kizzy & Dhiva

These three reminded me of how much I appreciate being in Australian and how blessed we are to live in a country that gives us so many opportunities in order for us make a difference and not just to be present as a number. These ladies have so much worth of knowledge beyond there years. This was a Sunday well spent and I feel so blessed to have been able to be inspired and learn so much from like minded people.

Love Thread is always looking for people to collaborate with or attend there events. Find more info at www.lovethread.com

This was a very inspirational and insightful event highly recommend you to attend there next event!

Below are the professional photos from Ryan Ammon Photographer www.ryanammon.com

Canapes served by WA vendors The Hummus Club, Carina’s Kitchen Perth and refreshing drinks by Kommunity Brew.
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