For so many years I have been wanting to come to Japan during the Cherry Blossoms season which happens around winter. Well what do you know this Easter I decided to finally make it to Tokyo. I must say what a great big city.

I arrived at Narita International Airport early morning on Saturday 26th 2016. I got to my hotel and got on a train into Tokyo city. My train took about 1.45mins. In a way I was glad to have stayed near the airport.

My excitement of going to see cherry blossoms would not stop dancing in my brains. As soon as I got to Tokyo I asked around how can I get to see these beautiful pink flowers and what events happening around this time of the year to celebrate.

The beautiful young lady gave me the name of the park called Ueno Onshi Koen. As that would be the one close to Tokyo city with some sort of festival. She did say too me I was just one weekend early as next week the trees will all be covered in pink.

I got in a taxi that only took about 15 mins to get me to the park, I would see so many people and my excitement even got bigger. As walking up the stairs I was then stopped by three lovely ladies that wanted a photo because of my blue hair. Now that got everyone’s attention by the time I knew I have 7-10 selfies with different people. I was smiling inside and out with gratitude.

I finally made my way to the top and I saw people sitting, eating and drinking. I asked myself what was going on. As I was about to ask someone, 2 young boys came up to me. They were from Asahi, a local TV station, asking if the can do a documentary with me & the cherry blossoms, why not I said. I started asking them questions about the cherry blossoms and what was happening etc. They told me I have to find something to sit on, having food and drink… and then finding my own cherry blossom tree.

How awesome it is! I was by myself, but I knew I need to make my own friends and family to enjoy this with and to learn more about this amazing festival. By the time the boys got back, I have had a massive family, taking selfies, laughing, eating and drinking.

The biggest gratitude of all the experience was when people started calling to for a hug, taking a photo and asking me to taste something. This has been one of my best Easters spent overseas by far.

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