I always say the reason someone smiles today is that they can be the reason for someone to smile tomorrow. There are so much rewards in what I do as a hair stylist. Each morning I wake up and give gratitude that I am able to be the reason that someone smiles because of how hair can uplift someone’s spirit.

On Mother’s Day Sunday 8th May, I got to my salon at 9am to prepare the makeover at 10am for my 2 special guests from The Esther Foundation. A few days prior to this I had reached out to the foundation to see if they had any mother that needed a bit of uplifting.

And if I have learnt anything over the years of doing hairdressing, the one small thing that easily wins a woman’s heart is some hair TLC. 😍

More photos by Ryan Tran www.byryantran.com

I feel so grateful that I was able to color and style these two beautiful mothers’ hair. We chatted, we laughed, those moments are so special to put in words.

Please drop me a line if you know of someone with an inspiring story, I would love to hear from them or you.

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