So on August 26th I found myself in the beautiful city of Sydney after flying over night from Perth for one reason, to attend the amazing Mane Addicts University Master Class with 2 of my stunning hair stylists. The Master Class was hosted by Jen Atkin, creator of Mane Addicts, Sir John, Beyonces Celebrity Make up Artist and special guest Khloe Kardashian at the Langham, Sydney. No amount of tiredness would stop this woman from missing this once in a life time event.


The class started with celebrity hair Guru Jen Atkin coming on stage and doing the introduction of what the master class was all about. At this point more than excitement was flowing through our souls. The joy of knowing that no matter how far we had travelled, we were all so blessed to be in that room to learn from these 3 amazing people.

Sir John kicked off the class showing us how to get that glowing skin and perfect complexion, using simple makeup application and not over doing it. He spoke about tools to use, makeup brands and more. He answered every question that he was asked from the audience. This was wonderful to watch, it was so humbling to see such a well known celebrity makeup artist that loves his craft and is happy to share it. Sir John shared some of his most loved products he uses to make these beautiful women glow like Beyonce, Khloe kardashian, Joan Smalls, Chrissy Teigen and much more. He is just such an inspiration person with so much positive energy to learn from love him loves his work.

Hair Guru Jen showed us how to get Khole Kardashian’s 2 favourite signature styles, using clip in hair extensions, GHD irons/wands and the hottest products in the hair world. She used a special piece that was custom made by another hair Guru, Kim Kimble, who happens to be one of Beyonces stylists! This was just so uplifting and inspiring to learn and watch. Jen shines education and inspires others do what she loves. As she worked on Khloe, she shared her journey and there was no doubt that this woman knows her purpose in this amazing universe. It was so wonderful to watch how the 3 worked together, Sir John, Khloe and Jen Atkins.

Khloe Kardashian at Mane Addicts Master Class Sydney

Khloe Kardashian at Mane Addicts Master Class Sydney

When asked what some of her favourite brands to work with were, she did not hold back to share. As she travels the world she likes to know what brands are in each country that she can try out. Such an inspiration

When my clients used ask me what I thought about Khloe Kardashian, I always said Khloe is every girl’s best friend. On that Sunday as we watched and listened to this beautiful woman answer every question that was asked and shared her favourite beauty tips and life story. I thought to my self, I was right Khloe is every girl’s best friend. It is amazing to meet someone as famous as Khloe and find out that their true self is so, humble, caring, thoughtful, honest and only too keen to get to know who you are, what you want out of life and offer her thoughtful ideas on how you can achieve it. She is just a beautiful soul both inside and out. She held the room with such grace and positive love for everyone in the room. When asked what was a favourite treatment to use, she said Olaplex “Leave it in my hair and go for my workout I believe the longer you live it in your hair the better it works.” She is a true angel. Love her.

It was wonderful to see Forever Malika star of new reality show Dash Dolls. What a beautiful soul and a cutie ☺

Sir John and Jen Atkins shared some of their favourite, tested and trusted products.

Sir John: “L’Oréal Paris lip colour is my number-one, I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Air Brush Flawless Finish pressed powder (it’s ideal for television) and I’m really close to her brand because I used to be her assistant and adore her as a person. I love using the Black Opal stick foundation in Carob for the eyelid and to contour the nose it just gives me that flawless finish without looking too heavy.” I use Lancome mascara, Artis brushes, Tomford, Mac eyeshadow and studio fix NC45.

Jen Atkin “I use a lot of Kevin Murphy, I know he is very popular over here. His Hair Resort Spray is amazing. I love Moroccanoil and I love Oribe – the Superfine Hair Spray and Dry Texturizing Spray just smell amazing and it has such good packaging. I also love the Kardashian K beauty products.”

The class finished off with our very own Australian celebrity stylist and business man Kevin Murphy. It was so delightful to watch him demonstrate his craft using his products from his range Kevin Murphy.


This was the most inspiring, rewarding, precious and educational master class I have ever been to in Australia. I am so grateful for such moments.

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