Spoil yourself for Valentine's Day - 9

February is alway such a special month for many people. Aside from our friends that are born in this month. This month is always special because of ❤️💋 Valentine’s.

What is Valentine’s Day

St Valentine’s Day is an annual festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship, family and admiration. Every year on 14 February people celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends. Couples send Valentine’s Day cards and flowers and spend special time together to honour their love for each other.

People spend so much money on this day I mean roses will cost you from about $65 and above.

Going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner becomes very expensive too. I can understand why, but has the world just become too much over rated when it comes to valentine day. Have we lost the true me of this day?

I always feel for a poor guy or woman that wants to spend a little extra on this day and can’t afford too because prices simply go up on this day like crazy.

Are you Flying solo for Valentine’s Day this year or not?

I always believe that us humans we need to love yourselves before you love anybody. If you learn to do so, a day like valentines will just be another day not to accept anybody to spoil you, of course it would nice if someone did. But I believe if we stop expecting and start living to enjoy precious moments like this. Will then find ways of spoiling ourselves joyfully.

I never do anything on this day but that is just me, I just don’t believe my husband should spoil on this day. I will spoil myself before he does. Lol after all I know what my heart desires before he does.

Over the years after listening to so many women and men that get disappointed because X did not do X for them. This got me thinking why don’t I share some things I do through out the year to spoil my self without expecting anyone to spoil me and everyday feels like valentines

It’s simple things like this that makes you feel loved before someone shows you love. Here are a few things I share.

1.Roses buy yourself but try not to spend more than $20 if a neighbour has some in there garden even better ask if you can pick one of 2. You can also ask a florist to delivery to your work or home if you want to feel extra special stop caring about what someone will say you doing it for you. After all you are special right.

2. Make yourself a nice cup of your favourite Drink, put on a movie and enjoy. If not go out to the movies, concert or whatever your heart desires.

3. Have some chocolate ,cupcakes or cakes you deserve it 💋❤️ I say

4. If you have extra cash take yourself shopping, lunch or dinner.

5. How about a visit to a salon or beauty spa pamper yourself. Or run yourself a bath put some candles on with your fav music. Enjoy life is too precious

6. Get together with friends if you feel like company otherwise there is nothing wrong with been alone. Some alone time is always good for our spirit. 💋 ❤️

7. Enjoy been you do something for you and not somebody else for once in your life.

8. If someone spoils you after you have done all these for yourself. Girl or boy I say take it knowing that you can still celebrate this day without any expectations. Because you are capable of celebrating you before anybody else.

Happy Valentines All ✌️❤️💋

Drop me a line would to hear how your spent your Valentine.