shalom-grey-hairHello all you beautiful people! I’m excited about ‘sharing the first looks of my hair hairstyles and trends that I do with my stylists at Ebony and Ivory hair and beauty in Perth, Australia. And the first one I’m releasing is this beautiful silver/gray. I call it that that stormy colour. Check out my work with this beautiful upcoming actress.

There’s a reason Rihanna rocked that long gray hair pony tail. Because it looked both beautiful and classy. The gray hair trend even has its HashTag #stomygray

We are seeing more and more Celebs jumping on the gray/silver trend for a while now, including beauties like Joan smalls, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner.

As a hairstylist that loves gray/silver hair when a clients walks in my salon and says give gray hair. I never say no. I think gray hair has that sexy glam statement.
I laugh with my clients saying, please grow your natural grey hair so I can sell it as Natural Gray/silver hair extensions. Classic business!

The best part of Gray/silver hair is you can style anything and everything with it. It is a timeless look. You can make it look street style, classy ,chic or dope. Its one of those colours every girl is saying I want so bad.

While I love a good pop of gray color here and there this colour is not the easiest to get and can be damaging to your hair no matter what hair texture, What I love the most is sometimes being able to achieve that colour without damaging your own hair. As a stylist I know in order to give my client that beautiful fox, gray, sliver colour her hair needs to be clean blonde in order to achieve that clean fox sliver look. I always there is always a way of achieve something beautiful without damaging your hair so much.

I did a colour melt silver on my favourite girl this way I did not have to damage her hair. What is cool about this is if she woke up the next day and it didnt like the colour we can just take the hair extensions out and she will be back to her afro hair.

For everything that we sometimes think is not possible there is always a solution waiting somewhere. This solution is called, hair extensions or lace wigs, Yes every one can use wigs that is the beauty about it. For someone that works with Celebrities I understand the pressure these amazing people can have to keep there hair on point. We are always on the look out to find solutions that are less damaging to our natural hair, less time consuming to change the style and colour and most of all look real.

I colour customise wigs for my celeb clients, These guys have so little time to spend at the salon with there busy slots so in order to get that colour quicker and not damaging to there hair we have to custom colour some hair extensions or a wig. Less time in the salon and you end up with a happy celeb client. But not everyone will like this method so in the case we do the colour of there hair silver/ ombre

Oh yes we all remember Halle Berry as Storm in X-men how divine and did she look. Imagine if her hair had to be coloured to that colour and how much damage that would have caused. This when wigs come into play. Its all about that amazing wig maker and colourist that know what they are doing to make a wig look just as real as your Hair. And give you that insta wow factor. And every girl will be saying “I want that color.”

Silver Gray Hair Trend - 10Grey locks have also given a new twist to the traditional ombré. It has given it that glamour trend See If you’re looking for a new change, why not try this trend that celebrities have embraced.

Silver hair is not granny thing, it’s a trend!

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Join me my next blog as I talk about which brands I use to get the silver/fox ombre